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Movie Review: If I Stay

Movie Review: If I Stay

if i stay

Nutshell: I’d give If I Stay an A-. This is a movie that pulls all the right strings at all the right times.  Yeah it’s in your face about it, but the story and it’s actors suck you in so totally that you won’t mind. Mia’s parents are a bit too perfect but that’s cool. Isn’t Gen X just the best anyway?

Being a teenager is rough. Ask any John Hughes film, or just pick up any of the zillion YA…

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Review in a Flash: When The Game Stands Tall

Review in a Flash: When The Game Stands Tall

Sometimes I’m too lazy for a full-out piece. Sometimes everything I’ve got to say about a film can be summarized in a sentence or two. Sometimes it’s both. So herewith, a quick-n-dirty on the high school football film When The Game Stands Tall!

Nutshell: Gotta give The When Game Stands Tall a C-. Director Thomas Carter (Coach Carter) is a man that does fantastic work with football game scenes. …

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YES. Yes yes yes. That’s all. Just check out the fine art on the cover and tell me you…

YES. Yes yes yes. That’s all. Just check out the fine art on the cover and tell me you don’t wanna get your hands on this issue. Halloween coming early? I’m a’ight with that y’all. Just a few weeks ’til the ‘Con, and hello beautiful.

And they’re not lying about the free high-fives at PLB.  Got one last year.  Buy horror!  Buy local!  Exclamation point!

PLB Comics to Debut Halloween Special at BCC

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Stop the presses: Drink and Draw coming again to Baltimore Comic-Con!

Image: Baltimore Comi-Con Drink-and-Draw

Image: Baltimore Comi-Con Drink-and-Draw

Hooray, it’s official!  Baltimore Comic-Con’s Drink and Draw’s Facebook page has said that this year will definitely see a Drink-N-Draw during Baltimore Comic-Con!  Last year was pretty awesome, and so if you’re in town for the ‘con, definitely make plans to grab a pint and some really cool art on the cheap.  Yeah cheap.  Why?  Okay fine; Drink-and-Draw…

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Avatar Press coming to Baltimore Comic-Con

Avatar Press coming to Baltimore Comic-Con


Yeah baby.  Love horror comics?  I know I do.  So you know I’m super excited to see that this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con will host Avatar Press!  That’s right.  All the good stuff baby.  CrossedUberExtinction ParadeGod is DeadStitched Night of the Living Dead Aftermath!  And you can stand around and beg for spoilers all you want.  Just me?

Check out the full press release after the…

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SPX announces this year’s Ignatz Award nominees!

SPX announces this year’s Ignatz Award nominees!

SPX Banner 2014Summer’s wrapping up; Back-To-School stuff is on store shelves, and did I see pumpkins and bats at the craft store? (Hint: yes.)  So that means it’s time for the Small Press Expo to release it’s yearly crop of top-notch small press comic creators that have been nominated for Ignatz Awards!  Yaaaay!  *flails arms like Kermit*

Straight from their PR folks:

Small Press Expo Announces 2014 Ignatz…

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