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31 in 31: Cockneys vs Zombies

31 in 31: Cockneys vs Zombies

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c vs zStory:  A group of pathetically stupid (but hilarious) bank robbers try a heist.  Meanwhile, zombies are popping up around the old folks home.  How are these two disparate groups gonna survive the apocalypse?

Scares: A few nice chills and Day of the Dead-like suspense bits, but mostly this is played for laughs.

Splat Factor:Zombie movie.  So, yeah.  There’s even a few splats onto the camera lens…

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31 in 31: The Sacrament

31 in 31: The Sacrament

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the-sacrament_612x907Story: Remember the Jonestown Massacre? Well, The Sacrament is Eli Roth’s weak attempt to make that tragedy into a horror movie.

Scares: Not a one. A decent sense of dread in the beginning, but then it all peters out.

Splat factor: A few drops of blood, but otherwise, it’s all death by Kool-aid. Yawn.

Closing scene “shocker”: Surprisingly, no.

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul):Though this…

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